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Custom fly selections - fresh water / salt /warm

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Easy! select the amount of flies you wish  and what you wish to spend and Stu will use his expertise and  his wealth of world fishing knowledge to select you an awesome selection of mixed flies so that you catch more fish. Stu wants you to catch more and bigger fish , so only the best flies are selected for you.


READ THIS ONLY If YOU WISH LARGE FLIES /SALTWATER . If you wish saltwater or warm water custom selections just select the amount  you wish to spend and Stu will ,work out and send you a great selection of flies to that amount, bigger flies/saltwater ,mice, carp flies can cost more  (like some saltwater flies are 9 nz each)so you will get far less flies than what is quoted here for the fresh water custom selections- so i would suggest choosing a larger value for those types of fly designs.

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Please note.

The photos of the selections of mixed flies have had to be re-sized for your viewing on the web site.

Due to the size and fine detail’s of the flies, these re-sized photos do not show the quality and detail of each fly design.

To view the quality and finer detail of all the fly designs.

Please view the single photos of each fly.

Thank you for your time and understanding.



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