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Tacky Fly Boxes , ready to go

Tacky fly boxes full of Stus flies

You have three choices of the full tacky fly boxes. If you want the tacky boxes ,though not filled please look under fly boxes , on this web site.

The smaller day pack one hold 180 smaller flies.

The Original large size holds 168 small & medium size flies.

The Tacky big box holds larger dries and nymphs , or bonefish salt water flies this box holds  72 flies

The Best Stu's Superior fishing flies in the world in the best fly box in the world, The best of both worlds.

Nymph box or half nymphs and dries.

A selection of the best sellers of Stu's  Superior fly range that will catch you fish anywhere in the world. You will love these  boxes and the flies will blow you away

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You choose what size of Tacky box you wish they  all vary in price depending the amount of flies each box can hold,and the model.

Let Stu know in the information box at check out .

Where in the world you will be fishing and what fish species,Time of the year .

With his world knowledge of fly fly fishing and some great fly fishing contacts all over the world.  

Stu will select the best Stu's flies for the job of you catching fish any where in the world.


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