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A Deed Flee - DH012


Years of back and forth ideas to perfect this one and here it is.

Tied on a very sharp, strong yet light wire ,wide gape black  size 12 Gamakatsu hook(not just any hook- the best for the job) for more hook ups plus it looks sexy. You will catch more fish.

Designed to land the right way up and easy to see , with spent glistening wings coming out each side of its foam buoyant body, soon to become your favorite go to fish catching fly.

Also a great fly to fish with a small size 18 hot hog nymph suspended below on a foot or so of  tine tippet material.

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 Designed by Stu Tripney

In England they say, "look! a dead fly"

In Scotland they say "look! a deed flee"

Black flies land on the water all the time all over the world and lay dead on the surface for some time and all fish love to eat them. Here is the answer you have been looking for.

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