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“I tried to ask the shopkeeper what the fish was called and he tore the corner off a cardboard box and wrote in English, ‘Pla Chado’ – the giant snake-headed fish.”
From his rural home in the South Island of New Zealand, self-professed fly-fishing geek Stu Tripney designs flies and runs the New Zealand Fly Fishing School. But every now and then, a fish swims into his dreams …

Jungle Blues is Stu’s first travel memoir, recounting his strange adventures while living in the jungles of Malaysia. A story about the environment, human nature and strange friends, this hilarious tale will appeal to anyone who loves the thrill of travel and adventure.

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The inappropriate adventures of a fly-fishing geek

The Best Fly Fishing Book in Years

Is called “Jungle Blues” and it’s written by Stu Tripney,  
I’ve read the book, and I think it’s some of the most compelling “adventure angling” writing out there—and that’s been my bailiwick for years.

Angling trade magazine - May19/2019

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